About Won Hee Park
Juno is a refined tactile experience for those who understand the extraordinary traits of daily life. A brand created by Won Hee Park on the principles of timelessness, uncompromising quality and sustainability.
She graduated in interior environmental design in Seoul, then obtained a master in design at Domus Academy in Milan. After the first experience at its research centre, since 2003 she has been a visual and vision strategy coordinator at Future Concept Lab, an international research institute in which the observation of behaviours supports strategic consulting for innovation.
She wishes to propose a brand that reflects a slower pace and process owing to which things are made with care and attention for detail, creating long-lasting garments. Here, the know-how of Made in Italy meets oriental culture, in a dialogue that is always open between matter and spirit, past and present, where there is a purpose to every piece. The first collection was launched with tailor-made pieces crafted by herself in 2015.
About Juno Milano
Juno collections are handmade by expert tailors, they are characterised by a “transparent” sartorial structure, imperceptible and light, matching noble fabrics with a functional design, combining traditional techniques and contemporary interpretation.
Juno offers made-to-order garments, the sustainable method that allows us to produce only what is needed and as much as is needed, directly to you from us.
Juno works jointly with renowned Italian textile companies to develop Eco sustainable fabrics of excellence for a conscious and sustainable way, in which aesthetics become ethical.
Juno has been showcased by international fairs and distributors, a brand presenting unique designs with the production skills of Italian companies, while also building a special relationship with final consumers to share the brand experience and to promote a direct dialogue.