Air stole

Air stole by Juno is a 100% cashmere stole which conveys timeless elegance and offers extraordinary quality, extremely light and soft, ideal for 4 seasons thanks to its natural thermo-regulating properties
This quality cashmere presents the rediscovery of shatush, a word of Persian origin which means “pleasure of the kings”. The shatush was made with the finest hair of a Tibetan antelope, so thin that only the best weavers could manufacture it. The lightness of the shatush is recreated using only the finest goat hair, obtained by combing the underside of the chin of the animal, with respect.
We then delved into the world of ancient Persians and brought some of it to the Biella region of northern Italy, where tradition and expertise allow for the weaving of such fine hairs adding modernity to an Eco sustainable product. This production also boasts replacing the use of a liquid in strengthening the hairs, which traditionally is very polluting during its rinsing, with a totally Eco compatible liquid, of pharmaceutical origin. All dies are “GOTS” certified ecological.
Every single stole is carefully analyzed and inspected by expert technicians and all finishings are carried out by hand.