We are glad to share with you #myjunomilano, a series of Juno experiences and tales narrated by our dear friends in this peculiar last month of the year. They are stories about intimate feelings growing stronger for each of us and getting close to the essence of things, because of the restricting circumstances that we've been through in these months. These are difficult times, but we'd like to convey Juno's positivity and beauty to you. The positivity we found in the relationships with people close to us and personal things that have grown. And what remains in life are the memories of the moments lived that given us joy.

A heartfelt thanks to Juno friends who shared a precious moment with us:
Aika Watanuki, Elisabetta Rizzotti, Francesca Gardinetti, Lucia Chrometzka, Silvia Bermani

Photo: Alex Giacomelli / MUA: Sandra Monterosso / Director: Won Hee Park / Interview curator: Luisa Aschiero

LUCIA| Business Designer, Gourmet Traveller

Among my Juno garments, my absolute favourites are the black crêpe trousers which, in addition to being very well cut, are also incredibly elegant and have a secret: pockets lined with hand painted silk. But this is only known to me and who made these pants. This seems like a hidden gem to me. When you put them on, it's a secret between you and me.

When I think of my Juno garment, a soft light comes to mind and then this soft light somehow makes a perfect buttonhole appear, the buttons - important - and tailored details.
My scarf is like a cloud that envelops me during humid and rainy days, I immediately feel like a queen. The queen puts on her tiara, I put on my scarf and it's the same effect. It warms me up and makes me feel really important.
The emotion that arouses me is calm. Calm but also determination. I feel at peace with myself and with the world, but at the same time very strong and ready to conquer new goals.
With my Juno I imagine a nice dinner with fantastic bottles of Barbaresco, chatting with friends and a feeling of absolute well-being.

Lucia #myjunomilano
Lucia #myjunomilano
Lucia #myjunomilano
Lucia #jmyjunomilanoLucia #myjunomilano
Lucia #myjunomilano

FRANCESCA | Family Lawyer, Snow Lover

I bought some Juno cashmere scarves that absolutely satisfied me. They are beautiful because they are very large but very light. They can be worn on any occasion, from morning to evening and the colour shades are perfect.
When I think about my Juno scarf I feel like I can fly light. This is the sensation that the impalpable scarves give, made with this very light, transparent fabric and at the same time full of colour.
My Juno scarves… they are like clouds, they are so full of lightness, they form these wonderful waves and they are reminiscent of clouds.
The emotion I feel is the affection that binds me to the creator of Juno, for sure. And happiness, the happiness of freedom, always with these soft materials. The welcome, too.
I imagine a story of comfort, of warmth, of welcome. I like to think about flying far and maybe to be able to wear it in the snow, in the open air.
Francesca Gardinetti #myjunomilanoFrancesca #myjunomilanoFrancesca Gardinetti #myjunomilanoFrancesca Gardinetti #myjunomilano Francesca Gardinetti #myjunomilano
Air cashmere stole terra

SILVIA | Adv Manager, Fashion Enthusiast

I love Juno, right from the start. The beautiful and fundamental thing is their contemporaneity, the fact that they are timeless but with a twist, with a pursuit for fabrics, tailoring, which is something unique and you cannot be without it anymore. When you try one on, you wish you had four or five, coats, and scarves, in all colours!
My scarf is like a cuddle, a caress that I carry around, it wraps me and gives me an extra touch, on a sweater, on a coat. I take it, crush it, put it in the bag. It is a unique passe-partout, with a transparency that makes it something more than a scarf, it is an emotion.
If I think of Juno, something clear and yet colourful comes to mind, a blue sky, an absolute black, the pure white of the snow. There too, it brings you back to an emotion, to an experience that you have and carry in your heart.
When I wear Juno, I always feel at ease, protected in my comfort zone from morning to night, happy to wear something that is me, reflects me and therefore is a communication, you are positive, you have a positive energy also towards others.
The Juno scarf is something that is suitable for me and accompanies me during the day, protects me and makes me special. It wraps you, its colour lights up your face and in contact with the skin is something that goes straight to the heart, which makes you feel good. 
I imagine myself dynamic, active, with the scarf, the coat, the pants, on a bicycle that I ride around the city, and the scarf I put it on, I take it off, I go shopping, I go home, I rush to meet my friends, in many different situations, always with the right twist.

Silvia #myjunomilano
Silvia #myjunomilano
Silvia #myjunomilano
Silvia #myjunomilano
Silvia #myjunomilano
Silvi air cashmere stole #myjunomilano

AIKA | Montessori Directress, Nature Dreamer

I bought Juno garments last year and this year and they make me feel very confident. The cashmere scarves are super soft, super warm and light and I wear them every day, every single day, I love them.
When I think of a Juno I imagine or think of a modern life in Milan, a busy city life, but people have style and are unique and beautiful in their own way and I really appreciate the details, they’re so beautiful.
When I wear a Juno, I feel like I can be the kind of woman I would like to become and be happy with myself, just for who I am.
The emotion that Juno gives me, it’s very special, it’s like the art of being you and you appreciate it and realize the sort of quality you are looking for in your life and it’s a good feeling, a happy feeling.
I love to wear Juno over the weekend because I have more time and I imagine going to visit friends or family, and when you are wearing something that you love, it kind of represents who you are and what you would like to be and it’s a good feeling too, a positive feeling.
Aika #myjunomilano
Aika #myjunomilano
Aika #myjunomilano
Aika #myjunomilano
Aika Air cashmere stole pearl-gray

ELISABETH | Communication Manager, Sailing Addicted

My experience with Juno started last year and it changed the way I dress. I discovered a line that really represents me because it inspires freedom without making me give up femininity. The fabrics are so comfortable and beautiful that you don't even want to take them off in the evening. When I long for a cuddle, I wear Juno. 
The scarves are really the softest you can find and there is the right shade for every moment, and every state of the soul. I don't know how I’d live without one. They can be worn with anything, they are a super match for Juno outfits and they are also great when you are at home, watching TV and needing to get warm.
A journey over a cloud springs to mind, which you imagine doing carefree, in total freedom. It’s the
East meeting the West, because Juno is an oriental style with the typically western search for femininity. Here I find that something wonderful comes to light.
When I wear a Juno garment I am in a good mood, it makes me feel really good with myself. And I also think of the designer, a super creative person who fills any space with her positive energy and radiance. She transmits it to everyone through her creations as well.
Emotion is an inner well-being as well as a physical one. If you feel good inside, it makes you beautiful. When you wear Juno you cannot fail to feel good because you feel powerful, generous, sunny.
I imagine a journey that starts on a plane, going on to trekking or sailing, and maybe ending in a nice restaurant. Juno has such a versatility so you can wear it on a casual occasion too, just put on sneakers, or 12 cm heels and some accessories in a super elegant moment.

Elisabeth #myjunomilano

Elisabeth #myjunomilano
Elisabeth #myjunomilano
Elisabeth #myjunomilano
Elisabeth #myjunomilano
Elisabeth Air cashmere stole #myjunomilano